Hugo Book Theme

Hugo documentation theme as simple as plain book.


  • Clean simple design
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customizable
  • Designed to not interfere with other layouts
  • Zero initial configuration


  • Hugo 0.48 or higher
  • Hugo extended version, read more here


Navigate to your hugo project root and run:

git submodule add themes/book

Then run hugo (or set theme: book in configuration file)

hugo server --minify --theme book

Creating site from scratch

Below is example how to create new site from scratch

hugo new site mydocs; cd mydocs
git init
git submodule add themes/book
cp -R themes/book/exampleSite/content .
hugo server --minify --theme book

File tree menu (default)

By default theme will render pages from content/docs section as menu in a tree structure.
You can set title and weight in front matter of pages to adjust order and titles in menu.

Leaf bundle menu

You can also use leaf bundle and content of it's as

Given you have this file structure

├── content
│   ├── docs
│   │   ├──
│   │   └──
│   └── posts
│       ├──
│       └──

Create file content/docs/menu/ with content

headless: true

- [Book Example](/docs/)
  - [Page One](/docs/page-one)
  - [Page Two](/docs/page-two)
- [Blog](/posts)

And Enable it by settings BookMenuBundle: /docs/menu in Site configuration


Simple blog supported for section posts


Site Configuration

There are few configuration options you can add to your config.yml|json|toml file

# (Optional) Set this to true if you use capital letters in file names
disablePathToLower: true

# (Optional) Set this to true to enable 'Last Modified by' date and git author
#  information on 'doc' type pages.
enableGitInfo: true

# (Warnings) Theme is intended for documentation use, there for it doesn't render taxonomy.
# You can hide related warning with config below
disableKinds: ["taxonomy", "taxonomyTerm"]

  # (Optional, default true) Show or hide table of contents globally
  # You can also specify this parameter per page in front matter
  BookShowToC: true

  # (Optional, default none) Set leaf bundle to render as side menu
  # When not specified file structure and weights will be used
  BookMenuBundle: /menu

  # (Optional, default docs) Specify section of content to render as menu
  # You can also set value to "*" to render all sections to menu
  BookSection: docs

  # (Optional) This value is duplicate of $link-color for making active link highlight in menu bundle mode
  # BookMenuBundleActiveLinkColor: \#004ed0

  # (Optional, default false) Include JS scripts in pages. Disabled by default.
  # - Keep side menu on same scroll position during navigation
  BookEnableJS: true

  # Set source repository location.
  # Used for 'Last Modified' and 'Edit this page' links.

  # Enable "Edit this page" links for 'doc' page type.
  # Disabled by default. Uncomment to enable. Requires 'BookRepo' param.
  # Path must point to 'content' directory of repo.
  BookEditPath: edit/master/exampleSite/content

  # (Optional, default January 2, 2006) Configure the date format used on the pages
  # - In git information
  # - In blog posts
  BookDateFormat: "Jan 2, 2006"

Page Configuration

You can specify additional params per page in front matter

# Set type to 'docs' if you want to render page outside of configured section or if you render section other than 'docs'
type: docs

# Set page weight to re-arrange items in file-tree menu (if BookMenuBundle not set)
weight: 10

# (Optional) Set to mark page as flat section in file-tree menu (if BookMenuBundle not set)
bookFlatSection: true

# (Optional) Set true to hide page or section from side menu (if BookMenuBundle not set)
bookHidden: true

# (Optional) Set true to hide table of contents, overrides global value
bookShowToC: false


There are few empty partials you can override in layouts/partials/

Partial Placement
layouts/partials/docs/inject/head.html Before closing <head> tag
layouts/partials/docs/inject/body.html Before closing <body> tag
layouts/partials/docs/inject/footer.html After page content
layouts/partials/docs/inject/menu-before.html At the beginning of <nav> menu block
layouts/partials/docs/inject/menu-after.html At the end of <nav> menu block

Extra Customization

File Description
static/favicon.png Override default favicon
assets/custom.scss Customize or override scss styles