👋 YinYang V2 – Hugo Fast Theme

🔎 Feature in V2 Version

  • Minimalist dark colors, using the color palette from Github Dark Theme
  • Now comment platform using utteranc.es
  • Display optimization for smaller screens ( Responsive )
  • Added FiraCode font for Syntax Highlighter

📷 Screenshots


⚙ Installation

From the root of your site:

git clone https://github.com/bucin-kode/hugo-theme-yinyangv2.git themes/yinyang

Change config.toml:

theme = "yinyangv2"

🔧 Configuration

Set your main section:

mainSections = ["posts"]


    contentDir = "content/en"
    languageName = "English"
    weight = 1
    contentDir = "content/cn"
    languageName = "Chinese"
    weight = 2
    contentDir = "content/id"
    languageName = "Indonesia"
    weight = 3

Then your posts files should be put into content/en , content/cn or content/id for Indonesian language.

See a more complete configuration in the yinyang base repository Here!


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