The slumdown package

The slumdown package is an experiment in creating a simple “blogdown native” Hugo theme, one that assumes that posts are written using R Markdown. It extends the slum theme for Hugo by providing an interface for customising the blog within R and a system for generating plots that use the same colour scheme as the blog post. The slumdown package is only available on GitHub:remotes::install_github("djnavarro/slumdown")

By default, the slumdown package assumes the source code for the site takes the form of an RStudio project, and will be deployed to GitHub pages, though neither is strictly necessary. To get started:slumdown::new_slum("desired/path/to/my/blog")

This will create a new RStudio project called blog (or whatever), download the slum theme and the example site. From within the project, initialise the blog using blogdown:blogdown::serve_site()

Blogdown will then generate the example site in the docs folder, which provides a short tutorial on how to get started using the package and what it is capable of.


On the off chance that anyone plans to use this other than me… probably not a good idea right now. It is very experimental, I’m using it largely as a method of teaching myself new things, and no part of the API is stable at the moment.