This is the's hugo repository. When pushing this repository, execute wercker ci/cd processes and deploy to 'mosuke5-lab/'.

Following are ci/cd steps.

  1. Build: execute hugo and check if build succeed or not.
  2. Deploy: deploy to 'mosuke5-lab/' by using 'lvivier/step-gh-pages'.
  3. After Deploy: clear cache in cloudflare and update gillsearch(search engine) database.

How to use

// set up. This site uses customized purehugo theme.
$ git clone themes/purehugo
$ hugo server
// resize image
$ mogrify -resize 600 ./static/image/xxxxx.png

How to modify design

This blog site uses customized purehugo(mosuke5/purehugo). If modifying or changing design, commit to mosuke5/purehugo repo.