The 'dwmkerr.com' website content and setup. Static site managed with Hugo.


The structure of this project is:

Folder Usage
_wip Work in progress articles and ideas.
dmwkerr.com The actual Hugo website
scripts Helper scripts.
makefile A makefile to build the site, run locally, etc.


This website uses the Hugo static site generator. For the details of why Hugo was chosen, see TODO.

To setup your local environment work on the site, run:

make setup

Then serve the site in development mode with:

make serve

The site can be built with:

make build

# The built site is in the public folder below.
# dwmkerr.com/public


Any changes to the master branch, or a branch which matches the build/* pattern will trigger a deployment to GitHub Pages.

The address of the deployed site is:



The site uses the hugo_theme_pickles theme.

To use my own fork which I use for fixing bugs/testing etc, run:

git submodule add -b release [email protected]:dwmkerr/hugo_theme_pickles.git dwmkerr.com/themes/dwmkerr_hugo_theme_pickles

And update the config.toml to use this theme.

When a new release of the theme needs to be used, update the submodules with:

git submodule update --init --recursive --remote