Chunky poster

A simple, bootstrap 4 based blog theme. The structure and design is based on the Prisma blog.


  • Multi-author
  • Image processing
  • Basic i18n
  • Prism
  • LazyLoad
  • Commento
  • Image gallery


git clone

Check out the configuration at exampleSite/config.toml for configuring your Hugo site.


The authors structure is based on this blog post.

  1. Add the taxonomy "author".

  2. hugo new authors/john-doe/

  3. Configure the author metadata twitter.

  4. Configure the author metadata images. First image on the list will be used as the avatar and on the profile page. Images are page resources under the author e.g. content/authors/john-doe/image.png.

  5. Assign the author to a content:

    authors: ["John Doe"]

Content images

The images structure is based on this blog post.

Upload the images that will be used on content pages under content/images and create the file content/images/ with the front matter:

headless: true

Set the path to the image in a post content under the images property:

images: ["/images/image.png"]

The first image on the list will be used as the "cover" image on a post.


Configure Prism under [params.prismJS] and set enable to true. Change the theme under theme.

    enable = true
    theme = "okaidia"


Configure Commento under [params.commento]. Set enable to true and add the URL at url:

    enable = true
    theme = ""


Enable sharing under params with share set to true and disable per-post sharing by setting share to false in the front matter.

  share = true
share: false

Image gallery

The image gallery feature uses the ekko-lightbox and figure shortcode. This is just a simple implementation of the lightbox gallery feature from the library.


Fork the project and run yarn watch during development.

The application javascript file is located at src/js/app.js.

For customizing SCSS, the main entrypoint is at src/scss/style.scss. Bootstrap variables can be overridden in the _variables.scss file. The theme's styles are located at src/scss/chunky-poster.scss.