An highly customizable Hugo theme based on the CSS framework Bulma.


  • Responsive layout, supports any screen size
  • Fully customizable using Bulma variables
  • No Javascript (except for optional internal templates)

You can find some examples of theme customization in the images folder.


The theme colors can be customized completely, to do so you must create a custom file named bulma-variables.sass in your site assets/css folder, the name must be exact.

Inside bulma-variables.sass you can change any of Bulma's initial or derived variables. Here you can find a complete list.

For an example of a bulma-variables.sass file see the exampleSite.

Also you can add a subtitle on your site with:

  subtitle = "This is the subtitle"

Custom shortcodes


The image shortcode can be used to show an image from the page resources.

Given this resource specified in a page front matter:

    name = "some-image"
    src = "imagename.jpg"

You can load the image like so:

{{< image "some-image" "This is the really long caption about this image" >}}

The first argument is the name of image specified in the front matter. The optional second argument is the caption that will be shown below the image. It's safe to use HTML in the image caption.


From your site root:

git submodule add [email protected]:silvanocerza/spectrum.git themes/spectrum
git submodule update --init --recursive

Set the theme in your site config:

theme = "spectrum"

And you're all set!


To update the theme from your site root:

git submodule update --recursive