Hugo Theme Zozo

It's a port of Aragaki, The style is reference from 菩提树下, Some functions are referenced from Even


  • Responsive
  • Syntax highlighting with highlightjs
  • Math with mathjax
  • Social links(Customize)
  • Tags page
  • Archive page
  • Disqus and Valine comment-system
  • Fancybox
  • GoogleAnalytics


$ git clone themes/zozo

Important: Take a look inside the exampleSite folder of this theme. You'll find a file called config.toml. To use it, copy the config.toml in the root folder of your Hugo site. Feel free to change it.


There is an example site with config file and markdown files in exampleSite directory.

About Page

Use the about page to introduce yourself to your visitors. You can customize the content as you like in the /content/about/

In order to customize the logo and favicon, you need to place all the following files in the static folder at the root of your site, which will overwrite those files in the themes/zozo/static/images/ folder.

Hide Pages

Pages can be hidden and don't appear in the post list on the homepage if you add the variable hidden = true to the frontmatter. This allows you to link from elsewhere, i.e. just the menu.


This theme provides img shortcodes.

{{< img src="path/to/xxx.png" title="xxx" >}}


This theme supports MathJax, which are turned off by default. If you want to use them, you need to set them in config.toml.

Set mathjax = true under the [params] to support the MathJax.

Valine Comment System

This theme provides valine comment system, the default is closed, if you want to use, need to set in config. toml.

Set the enable = true under [params.valine] to open valine, and will be appId and appKey set for yourself.

Social Link Icons

You can add a social link panel in the header by adding entries to the social block in the config.toml.

Remix icon is used in this theme.

Nearly Finished

In order to see your site in action, run Hugo's built-in local server.

$ hugo server

Now enter localhost:1313 in the address bar of your browser.