A port of hexo-theme-pure for Hugo. Powerful & Clean.



$ git clone themes/pure
$ ./hugo server -t pure


  1. Please copy the config.yml under the exampleSite folder to the root folder of your Hugo Site. Feel free to change it. If you don't like .yml file, you can also convert it to you want.

  2. Your post should under the posts folder, like this : hugo new posts/


Translations are collected from the themes/even/i18n/ folder (built into the theme), as well as present in i18n at your root of project.

You can specify defaultContentLanguage to use translations.

defaultContentLanguage: zh # en,fr...

Currently supports English and Chinese, you can see en.yml and zh.yml under pure/i18n. If you want to support other language, you can copy any yml file under i18n and rename to new language, then feel free to translate.

Favicon & Images

You should put you images into static folder at your root project. When specify favicon or donate qr code , don't use absolute url like /favicon.ico, please use relative url like favicon.ico or donate/alipay.png

You can configure the menu according to the icons of Iconfont, the following is configuration.

  enable: true  
  home: icon-home-fill
  archives: icon-archives-fill
  categories: icon-folder
  tags: icon-tags
  repository: icon-project
  books: icon-book-fill
  links: icon-friendship
  about: icon-cup-fill


  • [ ] TOC
  • [ ] pagination