A spinoff of Larua for Ghost for the Hugo static site generator.


Currently in heavy development. Things to do include:

  • Pagination
  • Adding tags/categories
  • Adding related posts
  • Probably more i'm missing but need to check ;)


  • Step 1: Install Hugo
  • Step 2: Download repo


Site config in config.toml

  • Update 'baseUrl' to your website URL
  • Update 'title' to your website name/title
  • Update 'languagecode' to reflect your language (see languages you can use)
  • Update the included menu items to your own by using the given formatting


  • Customize your header and logo within config.toml. Replace the included files or enter a url for your own images.
  • Customize the background pattern (bgpattern) by using your own


  • Set your own avatar image via either URL or replace the included file.
  • Set your avatar bio

Finishing up

Execute the hugo command to create a static html 'public' folder, or use a build tool to do this for you.