XMag is designed based on the Hugo theme XMin, and similarly, features minimalism but with a magazine style on the homepage inspired by The Signpost on Wikipedia.

This theme includes a few cool features:

  • Responsive article summary blocks on homepage
  • Thumbnails in summary blocks
  • Magazine title in Blackletter (𝔅𝔏𝔄ℭ𝔎 𝔏𝔈𝔗𝔗𝔈ℜ)
  • Github edit links
  • Author info and site info at the bottom of an article
  • MathJax for LaTeX math expressions

It also supports features that are probably not even worth mentioning:

  • Google Analytics
  • highlight.js for syntax highlighting of code blocks
  • Display categories and tags on single pages
  • Table of contents for single pages