Hugo Whisper Theme

Whisper is a Minimal Documentation theme built for Hugo. The design and functionality is intentionally minimal.

Theme features

Content Types

  • Docs (Markdown)
  • Homepage

Content Management

  • This theme generates documentation from markdown files located in content/docs
  • The "Home" page is not documentation, it can be used to introduce your project etc.


  • Beautiful and clean typography for all semantic HTML elements


  • SCSS (Hugo Pipelines)
  • Responsive design
  • Bootstrap 4 grid and media queries only


  • 100/100 Google Lighthouse speed score
  • 21KB without images ⚡
  • Vanilla JS only
  • Responsive mobile menu managed in config.toml


  • Documentation examples included, using all markdown syntax


To use this theme you will need to have Hugo installed. If you don't already have Hugo installed please follow the official installation guide

Check Hugo Version

This theme uses Hugo Pipes to compile SCSS and minify assets. Please make sure you have the Hugo Extended version installed. If you are not using the extended version this theme will not not compile.

hugo version

Create a new Hugo site

hugo new site mynewsite

This will create a fresh Hugo site in the folder mynewsite.

Install theme

Copy or git clone this theme into the sites themes folder mynewsite/themes

Install with Git

cd mynewsite
git clone themes/hugo-whisper-theme

Install from .zip file

You can download the .zip file located here

Extract the downloaded .zip inside the themes folder. Rename the extracted folder from hugo-whisper-theme-master -> hugo-whisper-theme. You should end up with the following folder structure mynewsite/themes/hugo-whisper-theme

Add example content

Copy the entire contents of the mynewsite/themes/hugo-whisper-theme/exampleSite/ folder to root folder of your Hugo site, ie mynewsite/

To copy the files using terminal, make sure you are still in the projects root, ie the mynewsite folder.

cp -a themes/hugo-whisper-theme/exampleSite/. .

Update config.toml

After you copy the config.toml into the root folder of your Hugo site you will need to update the baseURL, themesDir and theme values in mynewsite/config.toml

baseURL = "/"
themesDir = "themes"
theme = "hugo-whisper-theme"

Run Hugo

After installing the theme for the first time, generate the Hugo site.

You run this command from the root folder of your Hugo site ie mynewsite/


For local development run Hugo's built-in local server.

hugo server

Now enter localhost:1313 in the address bar of your browser.