Hugo Flex

A lightweight Hugo theme leveraging CSS Flexbox.


  • Flexbox-based responsive layout
  • Full posts in RSS feed
  • Themed RSS feed
  • No framework
  • No javascript
  • 100% speed score on PageSpeed Insight

Optional features:

  • CSS and JS can be dynamically embedded with shortcodes
  • Built-in shortcodes:
    • Netlify contact form
    • On-click Soundcloud player


From the website root:

git submodule add themes/hugo-flex

The theme must be set in the website config:

echo 'theme: hugo-flex' >> config.yaml


From the website root:

git submodule update --remote --rebase

Example Site

The official hugoBasicExample repository may be used as an example site.


Configuration options may be copied and modified from the theme defaults:

  color: teal  # Any color in CSS syntax
  width: 42rem  # Any length in CSS syntax
  footer: Except where otherwise noted, content on this site is licensed under
    a <a href="" rel="license">
    Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License</a>.
  rss: To subscribe to this RSS feed, copy its address and paste it into your
    favorite feed reader.

  - name: About
    url: about/
    weight: 1
  - name: Posts
    url: post/
    weight: 2
  - name: Tags
    url: tags/
    weight: 3
  - name: Categories
    url: categories/
    weight: 4
  - name: RSS
    url: index.xml
    weight: 5

Built-In Shortcodes

Netlify Contact Form

A contact form working with the built-in Netlify form handling service is inserted with the shortcode:

{{< contact >}}

A custom success page URL may be given as a parameter:

{{< contact "/success" >}}

On-Click Soundcloud Player

An on-click Soundcloud Player is inserted with the shortcode:

{{< soundcloud 123456789 >}}

The parameter is a track ID and can be extracted from the "embed" sharing menu on the track webpage.

Dynamically embedded CSS and JS

To embed additional CSS and JS with custom shortcodes, they must be loaded as resources by Hugo and added to the page-wide .Scratch variable. As a result, they will be loaded in pages where the shortcodes are used.

For instance, from within a shortcode template:

{{ resources.Get "myscript.js" | fingerprint | slice | .Page.Scratch.Add "js" }}

As an example here is the shortcode template for the on-click Soundcloud player:

{{ resources.Get "css/soundcloud.css" | minify | fingerprint | slice | .Page.Scratch.Add "css" }}
{{ resources.Get "js/soundcloud.js" | minify | fingerprint | slice | .Page.Scratch.Add "js" }}
<div class="Soundcloud" data-id="{{ .Get 0 }}"></div>