Hugo - Letterpad Theme

Hugo - Letterpad Theme

This is the official default theme of Letterpad.

  • Written in React
  • Uses Styled Components
  • Light/Dark Mode
  • Optimised for performance
  • SEO ready
  • Integration with disqus for comments


Full Width Layout in dark mode

Layout in light mode (iPad)

Article Page

How to install ?

You will have to install the letterpad engine first. If you have not installed this yet, visit this repository for instructions to install.

After installing letterpad, navigate to folder client/themes.

git clone [email protected]:letterpad/theme-hugo.git hugo
yarn install

Now you have to build the theme to create optimized bundles. Navigate to the root folder of letterpad and run

theme=hugo yarn build

Once thats done, run the server.

# development
yarn dev

# production
yarn prod