A minimalist theme for Hugo.

Live Demo at: m1cr0xf7.github.io/kaslaanka

this theme is a fork of Hugo-tanka theme.

this theme is a "do it yourself" theme, you probably want to change the css to make it your taste, use custom.css to do it.



  • minimalist theme
  • easily customizable
  • easy to setup
  • does not need any javascript (javascript is optional)
  • works as a blog or/and a personal website
  • gives you a space to be creative

new features

  • remove the bloat (utterances comments, progressivly, highlight.js)
  • scriptless by default.
  • removed bootstrap.
  • changed how the index, single pages and blog posts look.
  • blog list on the home page is limited, if the users want to see more they go to /blog/
  • listing projects on the home page.
  • brief about me on the home page.
  • support unlisted articles.
  • better favicons.
  • better tags
  • add multiple languages support
  • HUGE first letter paragraph (if you want)
  • Brief description under blog post title